updated June 2020 (English/Japanese)

Hidenori AIKI, Associate Professor

Division for Land-Ocean Ecosystem Research in ISEE

HAS Course in Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Nagoya University, Japan

Research Interests

  • physical oceanography
  • global wave dynamics (Rossby wave, equatorial wave, mesoscale eddies)
  • air-sea boundary layer (surface wave)
  • coupled numerical simulation for coastal environment (CReSS-NHOES)


Awards and Honors
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Professional Experience

     RIGC: Research Institute for Global Change (JAMSTEC)
     FRCGC: Frontier Research Center for Global Change (JAMSTEC/NASDA)

Lecture Note
  • Aiki, H., 2013: Development of Lagrangian mean theories for baroclinic eddies and wind waves in the ocean, Lecture Note for the 2013 Summer Seminar in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, 119 pp. (in Japanese)


Peer-reviewed papers
  1. Three-dimensional view for surface gravity waves
  2. Lagrangian coordinates associated with surface gravity waves
  3. Tidal internal waves in Lombok Strait, Indonesia (dx=140m)
  4. Typhoon Choiwan 2009 crossing Ogasawara islands (dx=1km)
  5. Typhoon Hai-Tang 2005 crossing Taiwan (dx=4km)
  6. Red Sea outflow (dx=1km-100km)
    • Patches of outflow water in the gulf of Aden are characterized by anticyclonic relative vorticity
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